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  • Joe’s Featured in Georgia State Homes

    posted November 11, 2015


    Jittery Joe’s Coffee was recently featured in an article titled Humble Beginnings and Small Batches.

  • Take an Agro Cycle Tour with Joe!

    posted June 12, 2015


    It is no surprise that we love cycling. For almost a decade, we even sponsored a professional cycling team. During this time, we created our Morning Ride blend as a way to help our team raise money. Even though we no longer sponsor a team, Morning Ride remains one of our most popular blends. In addition, we have remained loyal to our cycling community by sponsoring many cycling events in and around Athens.

    Our friend, Mary Charles Howard, began offering Agro Cycle Tours in 2011, and she asked us to help fuel her riders. Now she is about to host her 11th Agro Cycle Tour in Georgia, and we are proud to once again be by her side, fueling her cyclists in the hot June heat with iced coffee.

    The one day farm tours travel anywhere from 10­-50 miles via bicycle. Exploring organic and certified naturally grown farms, Georgia Food Tours’ Agro Cycle Tours examine the path your food makes from farm to table.

    Be sure to go to the Georgia Food Tours’ website to sign-up for the next tour with Mary Charles!

  • Joe’s Gets Some Love

    posted September 1, 2014


    A few months ago Jittery Joe’s felt the summer love in the form of some very kind words written about us.

    Lifestyle travel magazine, Condé Naste Traveler, gave our Q-Hut roaster a thumbs-up for its “cool aesthetic” and stamp of approval regarding our “really yummy” coffee. Joe’s was featured with other Athens favorites Independent Baking Co., White Tiger Gourmet, and The World Famous.

    Simply Buckhead, an upscale lifestyle magazine focused on Buckhead and Brookhaven, declared that the ultimate indulgence in Athens is our “decadent Yin Yang Mocha, a creamy blend of dark and white chocolate, steamed milk and locally roasted espresso.” Stop by one of our cafés to try one for yourself!

  • Santa Barbara Estate Journal

    posted August 20, 2014


    Jittery Joe’s has been purchasing coffee from Santa Barbara Estate in Colombia since 2011. When we heard in 2013 that they had been experimenting with different processing techniques, we thought it was time to go down and get to know them better. Read More!

  • So Much Variety, So Many Different Tastes

    posted July 10, 2014


    Years ago, my wife and I had our garage converted into a sound proof room so that our son and daughter could play music with their friends and not disturb the neighbors. Or, disturb the neighbors less. Bass seems to really carry.

    My daughter has since moved out and my son is very close to doing so. The room is now being handed down to me. When we moved the roasting operation from 780 E. Broad St. to 425 Barber St., I filled the room with thousands of vinyl records. There is hardly a place to step.

    This past Sunday morning I got up early to start moving records to the new roaster. I loaded the truck with boxes of records. As I headed out of the neighborhood, I decided to go to the J&J flea market. See what I could get. Got two tables for ten bucks each. People picked through this vinyl like buzzards at the landfill. Leaving barely trash behind. Johnny Cash, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jonny Winters, Nancy Sinatra, Joni Mitchell, AC/DC, Jan and Dean, Jimmy Buffet, Rolling Stones, Dr. John, Bob Dylan, Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane, Al Hirt, Cher, Hugh Hodgson, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson. It all sold. So much variety, so many different tastes.

    Like music, there is nothing wrong with the way you enjoy your coffee.

    This made me think about coffee. I have been roasting for almost twenty years. I have roasted the gamut from super light to super dark and many steps between. Our coffee offerings and profiles have been and are continually being tweaked by thousands of palates. Like music, there is nothing wrong with the way you enjoy your coffee. Pour over, chemex, French press, drip, percolator, aeropress, espresso, light, medium, full-city, dark, French, Italian, black, sugar, cream, cream and sugar. How can there be one way? Although I do have a couple of Barry Manilow records left.

    Stop by our new location, 425 Barber St. and talk and taste coffee with us. If Christian or myself is roasting, come over and see what we are doing. We would love to show you.

    Thank you for drinking Joe’s,

    Charlie Mustard

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